Where’s the performance?
Click for driving directions and parking information for all our venues during our 2015-16 Season

Restaurant Nights
On select dates during the 2015-16 Season, enjoy a fabulous pre-concert dinner with friends before taking your seats for the performance

When can I collect my tickets from Will Call?
Will Call opens 2 hours prior to each performance. Our Ticket Services staff will be ready to help you.

What should I wear?
Many people come to the concerts from work, and are dressed in professional business attire.

Can I bring my cellular phone or camera?
Cameras and recording devices are not allowed inside auditorium.

When should I arrive?
We suggest you arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the concert is scheduled to begin. That will give you ample time to find your seat, relax and read the program.

What if I arrive late?
Ticketholders who arrive late will not be seated in the hall until after the conclusion of the first work in the program or subsequent pieces.

What if I need to leave during the performance?
In consideration of the performers and fellow concertgoers, we ask that you remain in your seat until the current piece has concluded or the concert has ended. Concertgoers who leave the hall will not be reseated until after the current piece has concluded.

Can I bring a child?
Children aged 5 or younger are not admitted to LJMS events.

What is the smoking policy?
In accordance with California State Law, smoking is not permitted in any of our venues.